Welcome to this gathering space

In our hearts we hear what is calling.

In our hearts we feel what is possible.

In our hearts we know we are in a time of birthing, committed to walking through the storm a blaze with love & trust for the emerging.

Our prayer is that,

our collaborative ideas, new & ancient perspectives and proactive creations forge pathways & grounded structures born from the heart that centre the importance of honouring



E A C H O T H E R.




as a species of humanity, we may be reborn into frameworks of inherent worth & knowing by tending to the gardens of our beings to make space for the blossoming seeds of our capacity to emerge as we engage with, and as, life itself. 


we may be filled with the magnetism of our true essence and embrace that as the intuitive guiding force in our lives.

In this birthing of a new world we have been shedding skins of old patterns, narratives and programs to allow for that which calls deep in our souls to be heard - we do this together through the brilliance of our collective offering.

Thank you for answering the call