" For our Grandfathers the seed is very important. 

In the mathematic of the Mayan calendar, the seed represents exactly the number zero.

And number zero is the shape of Cacao.

In the occidental world that you know it's usually that zero means nothing, it has no value.

But in the Mayan cosmo vision, the Zero represents the seed.

it is the principle of life. 

And from the seed we all are born. 

For that reason cacao is the seed, the plant, that represents life. 

We are with her since the umbilical chord, 

and since the beginning of time passed on from generation to generation " - Nana Marina

We are offering ceremonial cacao to purchase that has been lovingly tended in Guatemala by the Tz' utujil tribe of Lago Atitlan under the guidance of Nana Marina. Intentionally grown from the same ancient seeds for ceremonial/medicinal use for many generations.

Your purchase supports the conservation of Mayan sacred sites in the areas around the volcanic portal of Lago Atitlan and the indigenous people and stewards of the land.

If you have any questions about this wonderful gift from Earths heart please reach out